(416) 633-3629 101-4430 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M3H 3S3

We hope to make your medical visit as pleasant as possible. Our staff is here to treat each and every patient with compassion and the utmost integrity. Your heath is our first priority. One aspect we cannot always control is the wait times.

Our family physicians are part of the Bathurst North Family Health Team and are qualified to treat all members of the family, including babies, children, adolescents and adults. Family physicians not only treat general medical conditions but also are responsible for health maintenance and can direct patients to appropriate consultants, health services, and community resources.

Furthermore, our family physicians engage in preventative health care, which entails measures focused on the prevention of future illness. These measures could include diagnostic testing, such as cholesterol or blood sugar testing, or counseling on weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol misuse and so forth.

Our family physicians treat a wide gamut of illnesses ranging from upper respiratory infections to skin infections to hypertension and diabetes. Our physicans are here to provide you with the most comprehensive medical care.